• Local Objects
    Local Objects
    Rural Reading Room
    LM1 Kirkenes
  • Publication by Mobile Kultur Byrå
    Publication by Mobile Kultur Byrå
    (Kirsten Dufour, Hilde Methi and Ulrike Solbrig)
  • russianmarket.info - Taking Inventory #1
    russianmarket.info - Taking Inventory #1
    Mobile Kultur Byra
    The Borderland Museu, Kirkenes
  • LUJA Installation
    LUJA Installation
    Extreme Crafts, Freies Museum, Berlin
  • Collective Matters
    Collective Matters
    Sami Art Festival

Hilde Methi

September 01, 2013 - November 30, 2013


Hilde Methi's work investigates the relationship of her own locale to a larger geopolitical setting. Her collaborative inquiries explore what art can be and how art acts in relation to institutional centers and peripheries within global capitalism. Based on her interest in local history, politics and economy, she builds up ongoing projects and art collectives infusing artistic ideas into the local context. 

Since leaving The Girls On The Bridge in 2007, Methi conceived the Sámi Art Festival from 2008 to 2010, co-curated russianmarket.info – Taking Inventory, Uqbar, 2011 and Extreme Crafts, Freies Museum, Berlin, 2012. She is involved in the art-collectives Mobile Kultur Byrå (2006-), which looks at the trading climate in particular contexts; LUJA (2005-) which intersects contemporary art, design and indigenous crafts, and Rural Reading Room (2013-) situations highlighting the materiality of the landscape using a tabletop as its format. She is currently developing a project for the Norwegian-Russian border-zone with Sonic Acts.